Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cabinet Reveal

The kitchen cabinets are done. If we're using the term "done" loosely. Because maybe we happened to miss one cabinet's last coat of paint and maybe the tape pulled up a lot of the paint on the edges and maybe we'll be spending the next three months scraping paint chips off everything in our house.
But if you look past all that, I think it turned out alright.
This was the first step to creating our dream kitchen. Step two is to paint the walls light blue. Step three is to install a gray/black counter. Step four is to get new floors.
I get the feeling we'll never make it past step one, but we'll see what we can muster up.

And here are a few of our mistakes because those pictures gave us a little too much credit.


Kim said...

It does look great from a distance... But I have confidence in Jeff and his ability to do the touch-ups--quickly! Great idea for making your kitchen look more bright and cheerful.

Rebecca said...

"It looks great from a distance." I love that, Mom.

Sarah and Jeff! I think you pulled it off! It looks fresh and modern to me. You'll have to let me know how well Eli cooperates with keeping grubby finger smudges off of the new white cabinets.

Natalie&Brad said...

I love it. You guys did that really fast it seems like!

David and Mary said...

I like your cabinets! They look great close up too. Thanks for the fun weekend.

Megan Barrick said...

Looks great! Nice clean and fresh!

jlthomas said...

I think you pulled it off! Nice job!