Thursday, September 15, 2011

Staycation Renovation

I've already forgotten about the long nights Jeff worked over the past month. Or two. Because today he got home in time for lunch. And we get him all to ourselves for a whole week!

We've made big plans to visit a few of Utah's hot spots in a desperate effort to simulate a vacation.

How did we start our staycation? By going on a quest for a Krispy Kreme doughnut. I mean, can you think of a better way to celebrate busy season being over? I didn't think so.

This is Eli's new camera face. Like when we say smile, or when we mention Krispy Kremes, this happens. Cheese ball.

Happy. Free. Together at last and eager to get our hands on all the calories stuffed in one tiny doughnut.
This is not Krispy Kreme. Because mid-doughnut search we stumbled across Crown Burger. Which is really the next best thing to Krispy Kreme. So we settled. Again, Eli's really learning to perform for the camera.

When we're not staycationing, we'll be renovating our house. After being home for an hour today, Jeff proclaimed he "had to have a project to work on otherwise he'd go crazy." I guess curling my hair isn't as entertaining for him as it is for me.

He's going to tackle a project we've talked about doing since we moved in -- painting our kitchen cabinets white. Scary? Yes. I realize we're flirting with the possibility of completely ruining our kitchen. But I'm hoping it turns out as cute as I'm envisioning it.
Even Eli is skeptical.
And when Jeff's not staycationing or painting the kitchen, he'll be fixing all the things Eli's torn apart in the last two months. Starting with his favorite toy, the clothes dryer vent.

Eli and I are glad to have Jeff back in our lives. I'll keep you posted on the kitchen massacre improvements.


CandL said...

Your kitchen cabinets are going to be sooo cute white! And I love that pic of you and jeff, and the one of eli on the stairs in your backyard.

Rebecca said...

Painting the kitchen white, eh? Are you doing this just to force me to have to visit your house again?