Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Sick Baby at a Well-Child Exam

Well. Eli and I were a little under the weather yesterday. Like puking under the weather. There's nothing worse than seeing your baby puke. Or seeing your baby imitating you as you puke. Which actually did make puking kind of funny.
(That picture is not us being under the weather. But it is us.)

Luckily my mom was able to come up and tend to Eli's needs so I could rest. What a relief. I also made her do my dishes because I gagged at the sight of the dirty, smelly dishes in the sink.

And I also made her be my back-up at Eli's doctor appointment in case I needed to make a run for the bathroom mid check-up. I didn't. But I was still glad she did the wrestling of Eli.

We're recovering today. Drinking lots of Gatorade. I'm mostly lying on the couch while Eli throws all his toys down the stairs. But...if he's not's the kind of day where I'm going to let him do whatever he wants.

Anyway, here's the real reason for this post. I lost Eli's stats from his one-year check-up, so I figured I better document his 15-month progress.

Weight - 23 lbs.   38%
Height - 31.5 in.  62%
Head - 18.75 in.  63%

Eli's had a recurring cough for the last 6 months or so. The doctor thought it was some kind of allergy. So now I'll have to evaluate our surroundings to figure out what he could be allergic to.

Eli also sweats a lot. Which the doctor assured isn't a problem. He is just unfortunate enough to get the sweaty Thomas gene.

And Eli also has eczema. Sad. No soft baby skin over here.
As far as milestones, I always think I'll remember exactly what Eli was doing at certain ages. But I already don't remember a lot of the things he could or couldn't do two months ago. So here's some of his documented cuteness to help me remember what 15-month old Eli was like:

He mimics a lot of the words we say and he is always imitating our actions.
He just started stacking blocks and lining things up on the floor.
He has started collecting. He'll get a basket or container to put his treasures in and carry them around the house.
He waves his finger when he says "no" now. I swear I don't do that. I don't know where he got that.
He is starting to love TV.
He doesn't like cookies. Weird.
He is starting to climb all over everything.
He doesn't like going on walks as much anymore. So I bribe him with graham crackers.
He throws temper tantrums. Often.
He's a lot better at stopping whatever he's doing when we say "no."
He's starting to hit, pinch and pull hair. Dang it.
He's down to one nap a day unless he wakes up super early.
He's off his binky...except at church.
He loves all my old beanie babies and is quickly learning which animal is which.
He's wild at church, but he's a lot better than a few months ago.
He can point to his nose, hair, mouth, tongue and toes.
He weirdly knows the letter "R." And only the letter "R."
He is very independent.

And here's a milestone for me -- something actually sounds good to eat! Now I just need to figure out a way to get my hands on a corn dog.


Heather & Josh Young said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you've been sick. Puking is the worst thing. not fun.
Sweat and eczema.. sounds like my family.. at least Eli is a boy :)

CandL said...


jlthomas said...

R, that is hilarious. I've never heard of a baby knowing a single letter, especially one like R. Hope you guys are all done being sick. And I wish I could give you one of the corn dogs in our freezer that nobody, except maybe Jacob, eats.

Kenzman said...

HI. Sorry you are sick. Can I bring you chicken soup in the form of a juice/smoothie???? LET ME KNOW!

I love you dearest. And hope you and little E-- or should I say little R-- feel better.

Kim said...

I can personally attest to how sick both you and Eli were. So glad you're feeling better. I was hoping it was only a 24-hour thing, although you did say Eli had thrown up in his bed a couple of nights before the puking day I took care of him and you...

His fake puking after you actually puked WAS pretty funny!!