Saturday, September 17, 2011

White Fright

Oh crud. Do you notice anything excruciatingly white in the picture below?
I'll continue to tell myself the reason that white drawer is just, oh so white, is because it's still surrounded by all the other not white cabinets. Because we're still going full swing with our white cabinet plans. And with each stroke of paint the pit in my stomach sinks deeper and deeper.

And when I get to the point of almost passing out, I turn to the internet to remind me of the potential my kitchen could have if this whole thing turns out:

Fresh, clean, modern, pretty. Okay, back on track. So we'll continue in our taping.
And ripping off of the cabinets.
And destroying our house. Sigh.
All for the hope that our kitchen and our bright white paint will mirror the fresh, clean, modern, pretty painted cabinets of fellow internet cabinet risk takers.
And so what if I am adding up all the money it would cost us if this whole thing becomes a kitchen nightmare? That's just me being paranoid, right? This is sure to work.
The primer is officially on all the doors and drawers. No turning back now.
Cue reassurance.


The Stevens Family said... always leave me hanging! lol! I can't wait to see it done! lol!

MelissaJoy said...

I'm sure it'll look great one thing I noticed in all those examples was it was more of an off white that they used...but if you really dislike it you can always stress them and get a more vintage feel to the cabinet doors. Just an idea!

jlthomas said...

You're brave! I bet it will look great but that would totally scare me!

Natalie&Brad said...

Looks like a project. . I love white cupboards so I hope it all works out the way you're planning!! :)

Megan Barrick said...

Can't wait to see it! I'm sure it will look fabulous!