Friday, September 02, 2011

Grateful for Cinnamon Rolls

On days when Eli remembers his love for screaming.

When a spider and a stinky diaper are the first things to greet me in the morning.

When it's Rice-A-Roni for dinner.

When Eli forgets to eat his food instead of splatter it across the kitchen.

When I have a sick baby with rosy cheeks and a runny nose.

And when said runny nose gets repeatedly wiped on my pants, shirt, socks, and hair.

When Eli's little fingers are finally fast enough to squish a potato bug.

When the house is a mess. And I'm not going to clean it.

When Eli so proudly discovers how to climb onto a chair, and onto the kitchen table.
And then when he laughs hysterically at my disciplining techniques.

When I'm wondering how young is too young to begin implementing "time out."

When all my TV shows are in a lull between summer and fall seasons.

When Eli thinks he only needs an hour nap.

When I have another pack meeting quickly approaching.

When his territory...all over the bathroom floor. For the second time this week.

So yes, Jeff. I do NEED those cinnamon rolls I make so often. And yes, sometimes it's eight in one day if need be. And no, I can't explain why our lawn chair broke tonight after I sat in it...
(P.S. I did a "Stories of Jeff Excell" today, too. Make sure you don't miss it!)


Rebecca said...

Two posts in one day?! I don't know about anyone else, but I kind of like Jeff's busy work season; it means more posts from you!

I need cinnamon rolls too. But I'm not a master chef like you. So I'm sad.

At least there's ice cream in the freezer. Gotta go.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why I laughed so hard about the camping chair. but oh those rolls look so good. posting the recipe anytime??