Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Sarah,

Wow, where to begin? How about this: I love you.

I admit, being married to an accountant probably isn't the most exciting thing in the world and can, at times, be very frustrating during busy season(s). I wanted to write you a short letter to tell you how much I appreciate you and your unconditional love for me and Eli.

The past two months have been long and stressful, but you always had a positive attitude and never complained once about anything. You would never complain about my late nights or the fact that you would hardly see me during the week. Instead of complaining about the garden not being watered, you would water it (even though I secretly wanted it to die so we wouldn't have to worry about it). Instead of complaining the lawn wasn't being mowed, you mowed it. Instead of complaining that you had to get up with Eli every morning because I was too tired, you just did it. Simply put: You are amazing!

I am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful wife. You made these past two months a lot better than they otherwise would have been. Thank you for waiting up for me some nights even though it meant less sleep for you . Thank you for texting me pictures of Eli during the day because I wasn't able to see him much. Thank you for making me breakfast in the mornings so I could get that extra five minutes of sleep. Thank you for keeping the house clean; I liked coming home to a clean house. Thank you for the many other things you did (listing them all would take too long) that made my days better. Most importantly thank you for loving me. Yes, it was hard working to/past midnight for several weeks in a row, but knowing that I had a wife at home who loved me made it easier.

I'll end where I began: I love you, Sarah. Thanks for everything you do!


P.S. To the general audience: I don't want to take away from Sarah's thunder, so please don't forget to read her post.


sarah said...

I'm blushing.

Thank you, Jeff. That note was very sweet.

Kim said...

Jeff, that was the sweetest love note ever! Sarah, you must be the happiest girl ever, married to such a great guy.